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Portland is facing challenges that charitable giving alone cannot solve.

SVP Portland goes beyond traditional philanthropy. By pooling the expertise, money, and influence from a community of volunteer professionals we help organizations and initiatives address these challenges with greater impact. Today, we’re working together to ensure that all children in Multnomah County have access to early education—regardless of ethnicity, wealth, religion, gender, or zip code—to achieve social justice and improve community well-being.

Like our individual Investor Partners, our Business Partners are socially-responsible organizations that see themselves as community members. By connecting through us to the nonprofits, collaborations, and initiatives that we serve, our Partners amplify their impact and connect with a larger sense of purpose.

For more information, please see our Business Partner Agreement and give Darren Davidson, our Deputy Director, a call at 503-222-0114.

Integrated Legal Solutions for Good

Our team of lawyers combine the knowledge, skill, and breadth of a larger firm with the care, attention, and values that comes with a boutique practice. Our attorneys have the depth of background and breadth of experience required by sophisticated clients. As a team, we complement our legal skill set with a fundamental understanding of the core issues at the heart of our clients’ interests. Our expertise and our relationships with our communities, entrepreneurs, impact investors, philanthropists, non-profits and other NGOs allow us to support an ecosystem where each participant feeds the success of the other.

A hotel with no beds. A house without the barking dog. A pub without the drunks. A coffee shop with meeting rooms.

CENTRL Office is a Portland Oregon-based coworking space that services innovators, creators, and doers. CENTRL offers ergonomically-designed and thoughtfully-arranged shared office space aimed at increasing productivity, creativity and collaboration. Membership options include day passes, open areas, dedicated desks, and private workrooms.

Why SVP?

To foster relationships and to support groups and individuals doing the work that aligns with our values.

Representative PArtner

Ashley Gauvin, Membership Lead

Where Relationships Rule

Wherever you’re headed, Columbia Bank has the people and resources to help get you there. It starts with “hello.” We never forget a name or a face. Real human beings answer our phones. And our commitment to providing all the services required to help build strong Northwest communities is firmly rooted in our DNA.


Foundation exists to empower every fashion decision with a meaningful chain of causation. By shopping at Foundation, you open new opportunities to learn how you can take action and positively impact the world.

Partnering With Families

We provide high-quality child care and award-winning curriculum for more than 40 years. Whether you're looking for a Summer Program, before- or after-school programs, part-time or full-time child care, KinderCare offers fun and learning at an affordable price.


The family established the property in 1943 and the vineyard 50 years later. Over the last 25 years, we have patiently transformed the 400-acre property into the largest contiguous vineyard in Oregon’s Dundee Hills. We control every step of the winegrowing and winemaking process, from pruning to bottling and everything in between. The result is award-winning wines that are balanced, complex, and consistently exceptional.